Plans & Features

Instant Staking

With the Charizard Token there is no need to stake or lock up your tokens anywhere to receive rewards. Just hold tokens in your wallet and watch your balance increase.

ZERO Team Tokens

We are NOT a pump & dump token. We have a long-term vision that we are working on every single day! Our launch was fair. There are ZERO team tokens!

151 Pokemon NFTs

Imagine an ecosystem of Pokémon NFTs. We are working on NFTs for all 151 original Pokémon! Trainers will be able to buy and sell them using Charizard Tokens. Not only will you be able to collect NFTs, you will also be able to trade them like Pokémon cards and use them to battle other holders!

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About our Token

We will be transparent as possible with our holders.

Initial token supply: 38,000,000.
Charizard distributes & burns 5% of each transaction.

  • 2% will get burned by the flames of Charizard.
  • 3% will be redistributed to all the holders.
  • There are ZERO team tokens!
Your tokens are safu.

What about copyright?

Pokémon trademark is owned by The Pokémon Company, Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures Co., Ltd. We do not claim to have the rights to the Pokémon names, cards, games, series, or anything tied to the Pokémon name. We do not sell any physical product tied to the Pokémon name. Charizard token is a fan-created Binance Smart Chain protocol based on products owned by the companies listed above. We only trade Binance Smart Chain tokens that have no connection with the Pokémon name. All the custom artwork and coding for the Charizard token are credited to their creators.

Nintendo right now owns ⅓ of Pokemon and does not bother with the crypto and NFT industry. Besides that, there are tons of Pokemon NFTs being sold for 100s of thousands of dollars without any issues. It’s not possible to remove a token or NFT from the smart chain network. Neither is it possible to sue a smart contract.

Last but not least, there are tons of Pokemon projects out there making a profit, and have been so for years. For example games like Pokemon Revolution, Pokemmo, etc. None of these have ever had copyright issues. It’s safe to say, we’re here to stay!